The Steward of Her Heart

A Legacy of the Laird Novella

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What’s the only thing harder than running a castle on her own? Doing so with a crusty old steward, who only has one thing on his mind…

Margaret the chamberlain is close to breaking point.

With the steward role still empty, she’s working two jobs at once, and failing both in spectacular fashion. Throw in a heavily pregnant Lady McCaskill, and she might very well find herself losing her marbles.

If only she had some stress relief.

But when the laird finally appoints a steward, things promise to calm down… until she realises who’s got the job. Not someone trained in ledgers, nor someone with acumen, or even tact.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

It’s the laird’s closest friend; old Fergus the soldier. A man with an appetite for all things, and especially those things he cannot have.

Like Margaret the chamberlain.

So as the sparks fly and personalities clash, Margaret wonders if their pride will be their undoing, or if they’ll manage to set aside their differences for the good of the laird. But above it all, one question looms larger.

Will she let old Fergus finally get what he wants?

The Steward of Her Heart is a novella of 20k words, chronologically set after Book One – A Promise to Be Kept.

It is exclusively FREE to subscribers.

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