A Wrong to Set Right

Legacy of the Laird, Book Five

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He’s tall, devastatingly handsome, and has pledged his sword to protect her. But this soldier has a secret…

Paislee McNair has found herself in a spot of bother.

After running her late husband’s farm for fifteen years, she’s become embroiled in a bitter feud with her neighbours. They steal her cattle with impunity, and she’s forced to watch her livelihood disappear before her very eyes.

The laird can’t help, and so against the neighbour’s brazen cruelty, Paislee has nowhere left to turn.

Until a mysterious soldier rides into her life and pledges his sword.

Falling under the protection of a ruggedly attractive captain? It seems the perfect solution to more than one of her problems.

Except Ewan Abercrombie has a secret.

So now, Paislee must ask herself how much of the past is she willing to forgive, if it means saving her future? And that’s without even mentioning the decidedly more immediate dilemma posed by Ewan himself, as she discovers what the only thing worse than forgiving old enemies could be…

A Wrong to Set Right is a sweeping Scottish romance by best-selling author Darcy Armstrong. Absolutely no cheating, no loose ends, and a satisfying Happily-Ever-After. Now available for FREE with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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