A Sword to Be Sheathed

Legacy of the Laird, Book Four

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This perfect soldier could have any woman in the castle. So why is he obsessed with the shy and forgettable junior chamberlain?

Once nothing more than a castle maidservant, the painfully shy Ismay Geddes has worked her way up to the lofty heights of junior chamberlain. It’s a prestigious position for one so young, and she’s completely focused on the job. No distractions.

Especially not the gallant and popular soldier, Tavish MacWilliam. The other maids might endure restless nights on account of his heroic physique, but Ismay is above that sort of nonsense, thank you very much.

Until he tells her she has a beautiful face.

After all, nobody has ever told her she has a beautiful _anything_.

But Ismay has one rule, and that’s to never love a soldier. After losing her own father to war, she has little desire to put herself through the heartache of loss again, even if she’s forced to endure a few restless nights herself.

Only it seems fate has other ideas, as Tavish suffers a terrible injury while on patrol and finds himself confined to the castle.

With one lucky lass asked to get hands on with his recovery…

A Sword to Be Sheathed is a sweeping Scottish romance by best-selling author Darcy Armstrong. Absolutely no cheating, no loose ends, and a satisfying Happily-Ever-After. Now available for FREE with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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