A Promise to Be Kept

Legacy of the Laird, Book One

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Her knees tremble when she first lays eyes on her betrothed. Except, this beast of a Highlander isn’t her betrothed after all…

It should have been a fairy tale.

After twenty years in exile, Kenzie McPhee is returning home to marry her childhood love.

And from the moment her betrothed arrives to escort her, Kenzie wonders if dreams really come true. Tall, brooding, and handsome, Laird Arran McCaskill promises a world both familiar, and tantalisingly new.

Until she realises this perfect man isn’t her laird at all.

It’s his brother.

Blaine McCaskill; the silent, introspective brother. The closed book, short of words and stature, who has somehow grown into a beast of a soldier, and a leader of men.

And with a body straight from the heroic tales of old.

So now, on the long journey home, Kenzie finds herself with more to worry about than she ever imagined. Forget brigands, forget skirmishing clans, and forget plots that threaten to tear the very Highlands apart.

How is she going to survive two weeks with the forbidden Blaine McCaskill?

A Promise to Be Kept is a sweeping Scottish romance by best-selling author Darcy Armstrong. Absolutely no cheating, no loose ends, and a satisfying Happily-Ever-After. Now available for FREE with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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