A Price to Be Paid

Legacy of the Laird, Book Two

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It might have taken eight long years, but the past is finally buried. Until it rises from the grave and knocks on her door…

For Lilidh MacBrennan, the past is a thing best forgotten.

Her late husband was the most feared man in town; the strong right arm of the laird. Cold and cruel, he wielded a sword in one hand and intimidation in the other.

And eight years later, the town still remembers.

But for the first time since his death, things are getting better. A new job in the castle means stability and security, and maybe even the chance to find love again. Goodness knows it’s been long enough…

Until there’s a knock on her door.

Behind it stands her once-dead husband, now very much alive… and just as dangerously tempting as she remembers.

A fairy-tale ending? Not quite. Lilidh’s a new woman, moving ahead with a new life that doesn’t include handsome dead husbands and the complications they bring.

But with words of atonement on his lips, will Mathe MacBrennan finally prove to be the man she’s always wanted, or the return to a nightmare she thought she’d left behind?

A Price to Be Paid is a sweeping Scottish romance by best-selling author Darcy Armstrong. Absolutely no cheating, no loose ends, and a satisfying Happily-Ever-After. Now available for FREE with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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