A Heart to Be Tamed

Legacy of the Laird, Book Three

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She swore she’d had enough of powerful lairds, playing their powerful games. Until she wakes up next to one…

Isobel MacKay isn’t your typical laird’s daughter.

Wild and proud, she’s had enough of her father trying to marry her off to one pompous noble or another, all thinking they can take what they want.

When one of them goes too far, and she’s forced to defend both her honour and her life, Isobel flees to the south, where she might escape the long reach of her father’s might.

Until she meets a stranger in the woods.

One glorious night later, and Isobel realises the mysterious Robert McPhee is a laird himself; the very thing she’d sworn to escape. And yet, he’s like no laird she’s ever met; kind, gentle, unbelievably handsome…

And her decision to keep riding south suddenly becomes a lot more complicated.

But Laird McPhee isn’t without problems of his own, and Isobel finds herself thrust into the middle of devious neighbours, insistent debt collectors, and a clan on the verge of collapse.

Not to mention her father’s army, marching south to bring her home…

A Heart to Be Tamed is a sweeping Scottish romance by best-selling author Darcy Armstrong. Absolutely no cheating, no loose ends, and a satisfying Happily-Ever-After. Now available for FREE with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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