New Release – A Heart to Be Tamed

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to announce the release of my third book — A Heart to Be Tamed. For those of you who have read my previous two books, the main character this time is Laird Robert McPhee, brother to Kenzie McCaskill (nee McPhee), the main character from book one.

With each book, I try to have one or two main concepts that I want to explore. For instance, book one (A Promise to Be Kept), was an exploration of forbidden love, and the relationship arc between the McCaskill brothers as they went from being united against their cruel father, to growing apart as adults, and then ultimately coming together once more.

For book two (A Price to Be Paid), it was more about the path to redemption, and the power of forgiveness. I really wanted to try to paint a realistic picture of how one man comes back from a place of darkness, and how his wife ultimately comes to terms with the past and moves on to a brighter future.

And now, with A Heart to Be Tamed, I had two goals — the first is to imagine what life might look like for a proud, independent woman; the difficulties that she might face in medieval society, and how this would ultimately shape the person she is. The second goal was to turn the concept of the laird on its head slightly, by introducing a male character in Robert McPhee who isn’t a draw swords first and ask questions later type of guy. In fact, he’s more of a work in the fields alongside his subjects type of laird, striving to build a future for his clan that doesn’t involve war.

Of course, he’s still a Highland alpha, but of the more down-to-earth kind, preferring to find non-violent solutions… until he’s pushed too far (but I won’t give away any secrets).

Writing this book was a great experience, not the least because my first draft had a few very glaring problems identified by my beta readers. Cue a few weeks of very frantic revision to hit my pre-order deadlines, and I’m reasonably confident I’ve ironed out the kinks and tightened the story. As it was for my first book, the beta reading service of Hidden Gems was invaluable in understanding where I’ve totally missed the mark.

If you’re interested in having a look, please find the book here:

A Heart to Be Tamed (Amazon US store).

As always, the book is also part of Kindle Unlimited, meaning subscribers to that service can read it for free.

Thanks everyone, have a great day!


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